How Can I Be Defended Against an Accusation of Domestic Violence?

How Can I Be Defended Against an Accusation of Domestic Violence?

If you have been accused of domestic violence by your partner, you might be worried about your future. It is understandable, as a conviction can result in jail time,  negatively affect your reputation, have an adverse impact on your career and affect your custody/visitation if you have children.

At the same time, you should remember that a domestic violence accusation might not necessarily result in a conviction. With the help of an accomplished California domestic violence attorney, you can protect your rights and interests and defend yourself against the accusations made by your partner.

Let us focus on three common defenses that could be used to protect against domestic violence accusations in Orange County, California.

False Accusation

Recently, a poll showed that 8% of Americans reported being falsely accused of domestic violence and abuse allegations. In order to defend you against false allegations of domestic violence, your attorney will try to find inconsistencies in your partner’s statements to the police. If there are glaring inconsistencies, your attorney might highlight them to the prosecutor and question the veracity of the domestic violence accusation against you.

Similarly, if the medical reports contradict your partner’s statement on how they sustained the injuries, your attorney might use it to convince the prosecution that you are being falsely accused by your partner and get them to drop the charges.


If you injured your partner while defending yourself or while defending your children, your attorney can make the argument that you acted in self-defense. For instance, if your partner tried to harm your children and you had to physically intervene in order to protect them, your attorney can argue that you were justified in using force, as you did so for the sake of your children.

In order to make this argument stick, your attorney needs to provide evidence, which might include:

  • Medical reports confirming defensive injuries suffered by yourself and/or your children.
  • Admission by your partner that they did use violence against you and/or your children.
  • Statements from your children (if they are mature enough).
  • Personal belongings and other items damaged by your partner during the incident.

Illegally Obtained Evidence

If the prosecution’s evidence against you was obtained through unlawful means, your attorney can file a motion and request the court to suppress the evidence in question. In the absence of proper evidence, your case will most likely be dismissed by the court.

Facing Domestic Violence Accusation? Our Experienced California Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help You!

At Paladin Legal Defenders, we have a team of highly-rated criminal defense attorneys who have decades of experience in handling domestic violence cases. With a legal team that includes a former prosecutor and a former police officer, we have the advantage of knowing how the prosecution works in these cases, which allows us to devise the right strategies to defend you.

Regardless of the gravity of charges against you, we will fight hard to achieve the best possible outcome – whether it is a favorable plea deal, reduction of charges, or a complete dismissal of the case. To find out how we can help you, call us today at 714-536-9988 or contact us online and schedule a free and confidential consultation.

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