I have been a client here for 15 years… Nicole is amazing… they have always advised me correct and been there when I needed them.

Memorize this number because it’s going to be the only one you ever need.

Review from Erin | Source: Google

Despite my innocence, my case seemed hopeless. On the night I was arrested I made a number of stupid mistakes, leading to what could be described as a criminal defense lawyer’s worst nightmare and a prosecutor’s wet dream.

Review from Tom H. | Source: Google

This is a AWESOME legal team. Took me a long time to find them but a friend told me they were the best. I was on every channel of the news and accused of having a gun leading multiple police agencies on a chase with helicopters. This team fought hard for me on multiple deals and i finally got no jail time, a small fine and community service. I was facing 2-5 years in Prison. Couldn’t be happier. Don’t risk your freedom.

Review from Ezeikiel R. | Source: Google

My name is Armando Zatarain and I am a private investigator. I worked with Mr.Stoddard for the first time approximately ten years ago. It was a multi-million dollar fraud case and our client was charged with multiple felonies. The client was accused of being the ring leader in an international scheme that resulted in a $20,000,000 loss to major insurance companies. Chuck worked diligently for over a year and was successful in getting the case reduced to a misdemeanor and no jail time. I have worked many other cases with Chuck almost all of them have had good or great results.

Review from Armando Z. | Source: Avvo

I have (for better of worse) had the need to engage a handful of attorneys over the years, and without a doubt, I will attest to the fact that Chuck Stoddard would be my de facto go to guy going forward…unless of course it was outside the scope of his expertise…in which case he reffered a friend of mine to another high caliber lawyer. Chuck (unlike some others) is not just about the money, he is truly campassionate…perhaps with an extra dash of vigor in my case since such case is baseless….he is extreemely knowledgable and a stand up guy.

Review from Anonymous | Source: Avvo

I came to Chuck with a possible DUI conviction. He kept me well informed and gave me a realistic expectation of what is to come. He was very professional and answered all my questions. He made me feel comfortable with the procedure which was really important to me. He went through all possible measures to reduce the conviction to a wet and reckless. I learned a lot from Chuck and would highly recommend him.

Review from Anonymous | Source: Avvo

A huge thank you to Chuck and Nicole for helping me in my cases. When I needed help the most they came through and delivered! Nicole was so helpful and easy to work with. The bottom line is if you need legal assistance, give them a call!

Review from M.C. | Source: Yelp

Miracle workers around here. Having Chuck in my corner was the best card to play in the courtroom.

Seriously, I still can’t believe that I did not have to go back to jail. A+++ highly recommended.

Review from Mercedes M. | Source: Yelp

I have asked Chuck Stoddard to represent me a couple of times over time, and his counsel and legal acumen are solid. I could see right away that Chuck was not in it for just the money- the man actually cares about his clients….he also went the extra mile for me both times.

In short, Chuck is simply a stand-up guy.

Review from David H. | Source: Yelp

I chose Paladin because they had great reviews on yelp. I worked mostly with Nicole, who was super helpful and on top of it. I must admit, I was super frustrated because this case dragged on FOREVER. They hung in there with me and did all the necessary steps to get the problem solved. This was definitely frustrating for them as much as it was for me, it really helped when they had be come in for the step by step processes so that I knew it wasn’t them lagging. Thanks again, and I would definitely recommend them!

Review from Brett H. | Source: Yelp

*****TOP NOTCH*****

I found myself in over my head twice in 2017, both situations with guaranteed negative outcomes without expert legal help. Even with representation I was fighting an uphill battle to say the least. The level of professional, friendly, and expert help I received was a breath of fresh air in the nightmare I landed myself in, twice. The outcome of both situations surpassed what I believed possible and I am forever grateful to Charles Stoddard and Nicole Mitchell for EVERYTHING!

I keep their business cards in my wallet and I’m quick to CONFIDENTLY recommend Paladin Legal Defenders to anyone I know!

Review from Adam K. | Source: Yelp