There are several different types of warrants in California that an officer can obtain during the investigation of a crime. If you have an active warrant against you in California, it is vital that you understand the difference between an arrest warrant versus a search warrant. If you’re served with a warrant, understanding your rights can keep you out of jail. Here at Paladin Legal Defenders, we have many years of experience dealing with both search and arrest warrants. If there is a warrant out for your arrest, don’t hesitate to contact us today at 1-714-536-9988 for a free consultation to discuss your rights.

What Is the Difference Between a Search Warrant and an Arrest Warrant?

A search warrant allows an officer or other law enforcement personnel to search a specific location for a specific item or group of items. In contrast, an arrest warrant enables law enforcement to place a person under arrest for a particular crime. The circumstances of the alleged crime will determine which type of warrant the officer will obtain.

Can Police Arrest You Without a Warrant in California?

Yes, a law enforcement officer can arrest someone without a warrant. Officers can arrest people without a warrant if they directly witnessed criminal, or suspected criminal conduct from an individual or group of individuals. A DUI warrant in California would fall under this category. At the time of arrest, an officer in California may also conduct a warrant check to search for any previous warrants against an individual. In cases where a period of time has passed between the alleged crime, then law enforcement will request an arrest warrant from a judge.

How Do Bench Warrants Work in California?

In some cases, an arresting officer may cite and release an individual. If someone is cited and released, they will be charged with a crime and given a summons that orders the individual to appear before a judge for a formal hearing at a later date. If a person fails to appear for their scheduled hearing, then a bench warrant will be issued for their arrest. A bench warrant may result in:

  • Fines
  • A license suspension
  • Jail time

Can a Lawyer Prevent the Police or Judge from Issuing an Arrest Warrant in California?

It’s possible for a California warrants defense attorney to prevent charges from being filed if you’re under investigation for a crime. An experienced criminal lawyer can gather evidence and witness testimonies that can support your case. Here at Paladin Legal Defenders, we’ve managed to present our clients, positions directly to the prosecuting attorney in criminal cases and have been able to convince them not to file any charges.

What Can You Do If a Prosecutor Files Criminal Charges?

An experienced criminal defense attorney can bring their client to the court where the warrant was issued and ask the judge to lower the bail amount or grant the client release on his own recognizances. In some cases, the attorney can appear on the client’s behalf to recall the warrant, that way the client does not have to be present in court.  Volunteering before the court with a criminal defense attorney at your side has many benefits.:

  • It looks favorable to the court, and you’re more likely to have your bail lowered or to be cited and released.
  • Appearing before the judge voluntarily prevents you from being arrested at work or in front of your family or friends.

Never Turn Yourself in Without a Defense Lawyer on Your Side

Going alone to turn yourself in is risky. As a suspect in a criminal investigation, you’re already considered suspicious to a judge. People who try to turn themselves in without any knowledge of the legal system and how to best present their case risk being sent to jail.

In contrast, a criminal defense attorney who has extensive knowledge of California arrest warrants will know what arguments and evidence to present in front of a judge. By hiring an attorney to represent you, you’re much more likely to have the arrest warrant cleared before any penalties are attached to the criminal charge.

If you’ve been arrested in the state of California, it’s crucial that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side. Don’t hesitate to contact Paladin Legal Defenders today by calling 1-714-536-9988. We understand that emergencies happen, so our lines are open for you 24/7. All initial consultations are free, and we’ll be happy to discuss your options if you have an arrest warrant against you in California.

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