Suspended License

Suspended License

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According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, driving in California is a privilege and not a right.   There are many reasons why the Department of Motor Vehicles may revoke or suspend your driving privileges.

If you are facing a license suspension or revocation from the California DMV contact Paladin Legal Defenders, we fight hard to defend our clients who are facing a suspended license in Southern California. We know how difficult it is to get around without the ability to drive. Your education, work, and overall life will be affected. If you or a loved one has had their driver’s license suspended or revoked in Huntington Beach, CA, or in any of the surrounding cities do not hesitate to call our law firm at 1-714-536-9988 or contact the firm to schedule an initial consultation.

If you are caught driving on a suspended license or a revoked license you can be charged with a misdemeanor offense for a violation of Vehicle Code Section 14601.  If you are caught driving with a suspended license due to a suspension from a DUI, you may be facing jail time.  Contact our office to discuss our strategies on obtaining your license and minimizing the criminal consequences you face.

Differences Between License Suspension and License Revocation in California

It is very important that you know what it is you are dealing with in California when it comes to losing your driver’s license. There are differences between having your license suspended and having your license revoked.

When your driver’s license is suspended in California it simply means that you are not permitted to operate any type of motor vehicle for a set length of time. For the most part, you will be able to have the license reinstated if you serve the suspension period and pay a set amount of fees. Should you decide to drive on a suspended license you can face harsher fines and penalties, one of which could be the revocation of your license.

A driver’s license can be revoked by the state of California for serious offenses including fatal collisions and or multiple driving under the influence convictions.  Contact our office to discuss your options when you are facing a revocation of your driving privileges.

Why a License Would be Revoked in California

A driver in California could have their driver’s license revoked by the DMV and the state for any of the following reasons:

  • Evading law enforcement
  • Traveling at a high rate of speed during peak travel times
  • Driving under the influence, combined with reckless driving, that leads to an accident
  • Racing
  • Flagrant disregard of traffic laws, the weather, traffic signals, the road conditions, pedestrians or known defects of the vehicle
  • Reckless driving in a vehicle for which you are not licensed to drive or have been trained to operate

Why a License Would be Suspended in California

A driver in California could have their driver’s license suspended by the DMV and the state for any of the following reasons:

  • Negligent operator
  • Has accumulated too many operating violations
  • Failure to pay alimony or child support
  • Failure to appear in court
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Involved in a crash and did not have proof of insurance
  • Suffers from a mental or physical disorder that prevents them from driving a vehicle safely

A license will be suspended in California for six months if the driver accumulates four points in 12 months, six points in 24 months, or eight points in 36 months. Points are assessed to a driver’s record for various moving violations, including failure to yield, speeding, reckless driving, being at-fault in a crash and more.  If you receive notification that you are going to be suspended for being a negligent operator (due to too many points), you are entitled to a hearing to defend your driving privileges.  There is a strict time deadline in the scheduling of this hearing, so contact an attorney immediately.

Reinstating a California Driver’s License

Going through the reinstatement process for your California driver’s license is difficult, but an experienced driver’s license suspension attorney can help. You can start by paying the fines set by the DMV and providing proof of insurance. If the license was suspended for a DUI you will need to complete a required alcohol or drug abuse program. If the license was suspended for a mental or physical condition, you will need to provide proof that you are fit to drive by completing a Driver Medical Evaluation with the DMV. This will show the state that the condition does not impact your ability to safely drive a vehicle.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You Fight a Suspended License

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you fight to have your driver’s license reinstated following a suspension or revocation. An experienced attorney can also help fight to prevent a suspension by looking at your driving history and other mitigating factors. If you are facing the suspension of your driver’s license in California it is imperative that you speak to a defense attorney immediately from the Paladin Legal Defenders. Call today to schedule a consultation at 1-714-536-9988 or contact our law firm online.

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